Towards a Symbiotic Mode of Development
Mingxin Li


As we all know, water is the most crucial thing for the living and non-living beings in the desert. But extractivism is using the brine (water contains high concentrations of salts and minerals) for lithium processing in northern Chile. My Independent Research Project started with analysis of the Salar de Llamara (a salt flat and indigenous heritage area) in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, such as the extraction resources of SQM (Sociedad Quimica y Minera, world's biggest lithium producer), the ecosystem and the caring device of microorganisms. More importantly, this leads to the concept of microorganisms’ symbiosis as a new perspective on human alternative modes of development. Mingxin Li try to speculate on a hint of symbiotic mode of development through different representations, such as maps, drawings, animations and science fiction. He hope to achieve a possible consciousness transformation from extractivism to symbiosis.

Map and Drawing: Evidence of the SQM Environmental Destruction

Animation: Non-Human Landscapes of Stromatolite

SF: Homo Sapiens - Homo Animalis