Environmental Architecture 20/21 Graduation Show

Reality Claims Exhibition by Georgia White

Past Events and Publications

Take Back the Land
Green New Deal Landscapes, Architectural Design (AD), Volume 92, Issue 1

Godofredo Enes Pereira, Christina Leigh Geros and Jon Goodbun have been analysing governmental Green New Deal policy globally, viewing it through the microcosmic eye of their own research and that of their students on the MA Environmental Architecture course at the Royal College of Art.

Lithium: States of Exhaustion
Ediciones ARQ and Het Nieuwe Instituut

Lithium: States of Exhaustion introduces us to the subjects and objects powered by this extraordinary element. Published by Ediciones ARQ (Chile) and Het Nieuwe Instituut, this bilingual and bilateral book brings together the thinking of architects, academics, lawyers, astronomers, biologists, philosophers, journalists and activists on lithium extraction, pharmacology and mental health.

Lithium Dreams: Extraction in the Salar de Atacama
Lecture by Godofredo Pereira, Het Nieuwe Instituut, 2020

Desertification, the death of microbial life and social paranoia: these are some of the many consequences of lithium extraction. Assembled as a fast-paced visual essay, Lithium Dreams moves through the collapsing ecologies of the Atacama Desert in Chile, highlighting the importance of unnatural alliances and symbioses for imagining non-extractive models of development.

Exhibition: The Ends of the World
Lithium Exhibition, Het Nieuwe Instituut

The Lithium exhibition features contributions by researchers, designers, musicians and artists. Godofredo Enes Pereira  discusses The Ends of the World, the multi-screen installation about lithium extraction and its consequences, made together with Lithium Triangle Studio (Royal College of Art).

Environmental Architecture 19-20 Graduation Event: EARTHSEEDS
2019|2020 End of year events curated by Godofredo Pereira

An exploration and celebration of the works from the City Design and Environmental Architecture graduates at the School of Architecture, Royal College of Art.

Environmental Architecture 18-19 Graduation Event: Shifting Scapes
2018|2019 End of year events curated by students from Environmental Architecture, Royal College of Art

This series of events and shows focuses on research surrounding environmental and territorial disputes resulting from extraction on two sites: lithium in the Salar de Atacama in Chile and Borneo in Indonesia.

Environmental Architecture 17-18 Graduation Event: Inter-Temporal Ecologies: In More-than-Human Worlds
2017|2018 End of year events curated by students from Environmental Architecture, Royal College of Art.

Environmental questions are rarely far from contemporary public debate… Climate change, global warming, global forest fires and extreme weather events, mass species extinction, the pollution of our air, seas, land and rivers, not to forget the pollution of our own bodies and food supplies, are all daily headline news in print and televisual media. How should we think about these questions within a school of architecture?

Investigating Environmental Ecologies: Local Communities Extractivism and Territory in the Atacama Desert
Organised by the  Fundación Desierto de Atacama and the Royal College of Art, London

This seminar discussed the importance of research in supporting social movements and community struggles for alternative models of development. Based on the works of FDA in Chile, and the RCA in London, we discussed methods, practices, and tactics of collaboration across disciplines and non-academic organizations, towards the empowerment of communities for having a say over the transformation of the territories they inhabit.