Therapeutic Environment

Gabriela Milobedzka

Researching for alternatives existing under the economic and political dictates of external mining concerns, tourism companies, and resource extraction economics, my work contributes to the renewal of many valuable assumptions of natural Andean Medicine. The proposal of a Therapeutic Environment, consists of a series of small scale interventions (such as therapeutic workshops and laboratories, indigenous Kunza language school, permaculture agriculture support objects, salt workshops, meeting and debates places) which are focused on the issues of: knowledge reproduction, stimulation of local activities, and promote the ecological concept of care and lead to the renewal of relationships of communities with their environment. It can become a source of strengthening local communities, especially nowadays - when mainstream academic medicine discovers many values of the traditional one.

Conceptual Sketch Showing the Modular Structures of Small-Scale Interventionst

Modular Structures, Series of Interventions (example)

Conceptual Drawings for the Small-Scale Interventions & it’s Growth in Time

Selected Examples (Interventions within the Village of Camar)