Becoming the AWE
Vanessa Lastrucci

The work here reported is the result of the researches of the Commission for the Generation of the Atacame os Watershed Entity. The scope of the CG(AWE) is to study the conditions of pressure and threats represented by the extractive industries, to the varied ecologies united in life around the Salar de Atacama and to propose actions to tackle such pressures. This project proposes to delineate a form of protection inclusive of modes of living and socio-cultural practises of the beings inhabiting the spaces of the Salar; and concerned with the intrinsic adaptations of its environments. By handing the management of ‘protection’ to Atacame os peoples and switching focus to the dynamic entities that compose the landscapes, rather than the surface itself, is a way forward toward environmental care rather than conservation. A fundamental step to allow the shift from protection to environmental care is to create the political space for such conditions. Such space is the AWE.

Existing Administrative Boundaries and Land Regulation

Existing Land Regulation

Threshold of Interdependency. Nested Community Management