Lingking Technology and Landscape
Yue Yu 


"Linking Technology and Landscape" was able to use environmental testing data from SQM (a prominent mining company in Chile) to refute their own environmental claims. The data gaps she has presented can be used to help the Chilean government (SMA, CPA) as evidence in an ongoing legal dispute with SQM ("SQM's $25 million environmental compliance plan for the Atacama salt flat").
This project focus on how to link data and action from monitoring systems. Yue explores in detail how the process of abstracting the concept of environmental protection into scientific data hurts the needs of multiple living and nonliving (e.g. indigenous religious cultures, specifically, specifically in Chile) and weakens the emotional connection between people and the land. She examines how natural science is often influenced by geopolitics and geoeconomics, and thus becomes a weapon of domination and oppression by the Global North.

Hydrological Environmental Monitoring Plan (HEMP)

The Mapping of Salar de Atacama

Water Content

Hydrology, Creature and Infrustructure