Atacama Medicinal Research Apparatus

Yussef Agbo-Ola


The Atacama as a form, collection of entities, perspectives, rhythms, lines, poisons, sands soils, humans, winds, water, positions, scars, lungs and other materials, and/or non-depictions within the tunnels of known thought still is. Is as in each moment of its knowing is still becoming still, to be meshed, a part of, and/or incorporated with. The constant reciprocal as exchange. Its history has been of water, a great wetness, this fades also with the connection to the past within the present; to be still, and watch the systems of exchanges in the present history of the past though a working, a questioning, a meta / meeting with natural molecular materials / organisms, non organisms. To become part of the place, a space, a site, a territory, or the expanded extension of it, as to touch a seed with one's intention to question natural medicines (plant / non plant / as to be discussed) that then effects the human / non human perception and there inter biological /geographical systems, as a request from an internal magnetic symphony of humming hyalotheca inhabiting ones left bronchial veins or skin filaments. To learn to listen to each tone, each climax, each level of the internal, each direction within an environment as a starting point to reflect one's other. Not as a definition but as a question, as an exploration into the possibility of the known in relation to research, and what this can be, (we will go into this question of research as we research throughout this text) as if to silence logic, to embrace an environmental clarity with ecological tension, and psychological compression. To learn to listen. A crack in the Salar flat, white bleeding green.

A message for scale, one of many, but for the time being let's digest the meaning. I give you not a faction but the measure in which to decide. A motion of mental crystallisation with no cause. Our function is to the liver, but the moments in the skins request attention. The cost of commodities, the moments of comfort, Quinine told us of this truth, one for bleeding the milk for our roots, for showing the fibres of our fattened ethanol. The report says it's ok to credit the reaction to an action of tension. Is the use , like power, or like exchange, to embrace the mixture of blue liquid baths to become green again. To become green. They Say. dna yells for a swallow of time only to unveil the supplements of urea in the architectural bones.

“Jover the y, like levels in thought” / 120 x 80cm / oil on canvas, a = Agbo-Ola 2018

yanantin = a silent conversation; the voice of smell, yelled for sight, in the sound of touch, exchange with plant, with the memory of skin